“The term “queer” emerges as an interpellation that raises the question of the status of force and opposition, of stability and variability, within performativity” (Butler 18).  Queer is “not an argument against using identity categories, but it is a reminder of the risk that attends every such use” (Butler 19).  It is “a blending that proves that all blood is inextricably woven together, and that we are spawned out of similar souls” (Anzaldúa 85)  It is an expansive term often used to encompass anyone whose sexual practices, identities, or genders do not fall into what is considered the norm.  The term originated in the early eighteenth century meaning “odd” or “quaint” (Bronski xvii).  While the term queer includes many different peoples, it also has faced problems in immersing itself into communities of people of color.  [Alex]