The myth of the “eternal homosexual” is a historical fallacy that states that “gay men and lesbians always were and always will be” (D’Emilio 468) and that this is a static aspect of society that has never changed.  Initially this myth was helpful in challenging homophobic rhetoric in that it allowed queer people to say that they are here, always have been here, and will continue to be here regardless of how social conservatives feel about it.  As the queer movement developed, it became clear that this idea of the eternal homosexual obfuscates the material and social conditions that preface and allow expression of homosexual desire, as well as trapped queer peoples.  According to D’Emilio, “ men and lesbians have not always existed.  Instead, they are a product of history, and have come into existence in a specific historical era” (D’Emilio 468) [Alex]