Gender does not have a specific definition, it changes throughout time and also with situation. Gender if quickly searched for is defined as the identification between a man or woman assuming of course that there is in fact only two genders. This definition was most important when the nuclear family structure was the only thing acceptable in social order. Today the definition is shifting to fit an identity. Gender is now not only a description of one’s biological genetials but it is used more to define a person’s sexual orientation and identification.

Freud on gender: Freud sees gender completely different, claiming that our original sexual orientation is actually bisexuality or nonexistent. This is very interesting as he theorizes that heterosexuality is only part of the phallic stage. In the Oedipal stage a child develops a sexual fantasy with the parent of the opposite gender and hatred for the parent with the same gender. This although is a bit difficult to swallow in modern times it is also important to the definition of gender today because gender becomes less obvious. The purpose of a gender then only emphasizes the need for heterosexuality for the purpose of social reproduction, giving Freud’s theory an edge and therefore stating that homosexuality should be seen as part of the natural when there is no threat to society’s population decrease. (Jennifer M.)