1st wave

The late 1920's, this was a the first movement of two other movements that would follow throughout time to fight for Women’s rights. During the First wave of Feminism we see the uprise of women and individuality basically the women beginning to ask to be seen as equals to the men. The most important set of events that occurred during the first wave was for the right to vote and be given equal opportunity as the men. The first wave was not only important for the women and their personal lives but also for the country as a whole because now there was more opinions to reach to and more political power to be stretched out throughout the country. This movement also broaden the horizons to the country and determined who was seen as a citizen rather than property. The first wave also gave women a powerful identification and new model in which to live by, rather than only depending on their societal norms. This was the beginning of a large social change between the two existing genders. (Jennifer M.)